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Disclaimer:  Please note I am not a medical practitioner.  I am unable to diagnose medical conditions, nor am I able to offer medical advice. Complementary/holistic therapies, such as Massage and Reflexology, are not intended to replace medical advice nor medical treatment, nor do they claim to “cure”. If you have an issue of a medical nature that is giving you concern then please contact your G.P./doctor first and foremost.

Please note, under UK law no one may attend a mother unless he or she is a registered midwife or doctor until 10 days after the birth - therefore I prefer to wait until two weeks have passed to ensure no confusion arises.

Please note I am not responsible for the content of external websites or links.


T:  07423 019459


Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

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Springtime Holistics

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Terms and Conditions


Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

Booking an Appointment

Please contact me via my form or by telephone on 07423 019459 to leave your name, number and email. I will return your call in 2 working days (if you don’t hear from me on leaving a phone message please use my contact form).    If you are in a great deal of pain then please see your GP first or visit A&E to ensure there is no underlying medical reason for this.  

My modalities include:

Please note I do not offer same day appointments and it is not possible to turn up at the venue without a confirmed booking.  


The consultation is an essential part of a session and takes around 15 minutes. I will ask for your contact details to arrange appointments and about your lifestyle and medical history. Please note this is treated with the strictest confidence under the Data Protection Act (GDPR) and is to identify there are no medical contraindications. You will need to sign a consent form stating that you have given the necessary information and if you do have a medical condition or suspect one that you have sought advice from your G.P. beforehand if relevant.  Please advise me on the phone if you do have a medical condition.


The following will help you to make the most of your appointment time:

Contraindications - what are they?

Complementary therapies such as reflexology and Indian head massage are not high risk and are generally safe for most people.  However, there are some medical conditions as to why treatment may not be given, why treatment may need adjusting on a localised area, or why treatment may only be given after you have sought advice from your G.P.  If you are receiving current medical treatment from your doctor for a medical condition it is advisable to obtain his or her advice before having any complementary therapies to ask if there is a reason why you may not go ahead.  Also with any unexplained or undiagnosed symptoms such as digestive difficulties, urinary system issues, severe, constant pain, unknown lumps, swellings, lesions or sores then please visit your G.P. first.

Massage/IHM/Aromatherapy example contraindications include:

Head lice (and other parasites), infectious/contagious conditions (e.g. cold sores), open wounds or major bruising in treatment region, current migraine, current fever, acute inflammation - therapy can only commence when these have been cleared.

Cancers (particularly bone/lymph), epilepsy, allergies, diabetes, thyroid issues, epilepsy, heart condition, osteoporosis, arthritis, gout,  recent surgery, broken bones, fractures, major injuries, including head or upper torso/spine including whiplash (+ a few others including severe varicose veins) - these will need advice from your G.P./specialist before and I will require you to sign a further consent form stating that you have sought advice that there is no reason not to go ahead.

Deep Vein Thrombosis(blood clots)/Phlebitis/Stroke/Post Heart-attack - due to the risk of moving blood clots or infection reflexology and massage is not suitable without GP advice.

Pregnancy Massage example contraindications (as well as the above) include:

Pre-eclampsia, thrombosis, placenta previa, current uterine bleeding, high risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes, unexplained  continuous abdominal pains, redness/heat/pain in legs, current temperature

Please seek medical advice from your midwife, specialist or GP before having a Pregnancy Massage to ensure there is no reason for massage not to go ahead.

Reflexology example contraindications include (as well as many of the ones above):

Infectious conditions including verrucas, tinea pedis (Athlete’s Foot), impetigo or lice;  need to wait until they have cleared up (please visit GP or pharmacist for advice)

Pregnancy - although reflexology is considered safe and there is no scientific evidence to show that it may be harmful my insurance policy does not cover reflexology for the first trimester (three months) - if you believe that you may be pregnant please inform me.  

Ear Candling example contraindications include:

Grommets/cochlear implants - not suitable

Infectious conditions or inflammation in the ear area

Pregnancy - it is not adviseable to have ear candling during the first trimester

Head lice, infectious/contagious conditions (e.g. cold sores), open wounds or major bruising in treatment region, current migraine - treatment can only commence when these have been cleared up.

All the holistic therapy products I use are vegetarian-friendly. I can also utilise vegan-friendly products in the treatments I offer (please request this on booking).  None of the products I use are animal tested nor have been.

Health Coaching example contraindications include:

Medical conditions requiring specialist advice from the medical profession such as Type I diabetes, immediate post-surgery and current cancer treatment - instead you should seek advice from your GP/PCP, registered dietician or other medical professionals. Please note that health coaching is about making healthy habit and lifestyle changes and not about prescribing supplements nor diet plans.  I am able to work complementary to your medical team but it is important that you consult them first and seek their advice before proceeding.


Please contact me if you have any queries.

Please have any medication available that you require for allergy-related symptoms as a precaution e.g. for asthmatics please have your usual inhaler or for allergies please remember to bring your Epipen etc. Please note my venue is not nut-free and is also unsuitable for anyone with allergies to animals.

Please note I am unable to treat anyone under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.  Also, massage therapies are unsuitable for anyone with a current fever/temperature. Please note I reserve the right to refuse to treat anyone if I feel there may be a health concern that needs further evaluation by a medical professional (please see my disclaimer).

New Mothers:

Please note for your health and wellbeing holistic therapies may begin as soon as 14 days post-partum, and with advice from your midwife or G.P.