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Disclaimer:  Please note I am not a medical practitioner.  I am unable to diagnose medical conditions, nor am I able to offer medical advice. Complementary/holistic therapies, such as Massage and Reflexology, are not intended to replace medical advice nor medical treatment, nor do they claim to “cure”. If you have an issue of a medical nature that is giving you concern then please contact your G.P./doctor first and foremost.

Please note, under UK law no one may attend a mother unless he or she is a registered midwife or doctor until 10 days after the birth - therefore I prefer to wait until two weeks have passed to ensure no confusion arises.

Please note I am not responsible for the content of external websites or links.


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Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

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Springtime Holistics

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Springtime Holistics   Elizabeth Plant Dip.VTCT MIAHC PTTLLS Massage Therapy | Reflexology | Coaching working with head, heart, hands, on your mind, body and sole!


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Terms and Conditions


Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

1-Month Kickstart Program

90-Day Deep Dive Program

6-Month Total Transformation Program

My introduction to coaching gives you a healthy kickstart. You will receive light touch support to take the action steps towards achieving your goals. You will have two 50-minute sessions over a month.

My 90-day program is designed to get you to working on a deeper level to change your habits. It is for those who are ready to make changes and who are ready to prioritise their self care and wellbeing. Your health coaching program is for once a week 1-to-1 sessions over the 90 days (12 weekly sessions in total, each lasting 50 minutes).

My 6-month program is for those who want to make lasting changes. We will work on forming S.M.A.R.T. goals and learn strategies on what and how to eat that work best for you. You will receive accountability throughout the program. I only run this with a select few clients per year. Your health coaching program is for two 1-to-1 sessions per month (12 in total, each lasting an hour).

Here’s just a taste of what’s covered in my 6-month coaching program (your program will be adapted to your own needs):

1. Why there is no one size fits all approach to food

  • Simple steps to get yourself going straight off
  • What foods to add in rather than depriving yourself
  • Debunking nutrition myths
  • Choosing food that works for you rather than against you
  • How to create appetising and nourishing meals
  • Why fad diets don't work

2. Why movement that works for you is essential

  • Gentle ways to ease enjoyable exercise into your life
  • Functional exercise - make everyday life part of your routine
  • No need to spend hours in a gym (unless that's your desire)

3. Emotional nourishment and mindfulness

  • Find your life rhythm
  • Understand that mood affects your food and thoughts
  • Learn to enjoy eating food without guilt
  • How to manage cravings
  • Discover how mindful eating patterns can change your overall wellbeing

4. Stress Management and Self Care

  • How to manage stress with new strategies and tools
  • Learn to prioritise self care
  • Increase your energy levels by eating right for you

5. Planning and Scheduling

  • How planning ahead and enjoying the now can optimise your health
  • Learn how to eat in a way that suits your lifestyle
  • Focus on actions that will allow you to achieve your goals

Coaching Program Options

Where to start? First contact me to book your Strategy session.  This is a short conversation to ensure that there are no medical reasons that may preclude you from coaching and also to see whether you like how I approach coaching.

Health Discovery Session

Are you ready to change your health? During your one-to-one Discovery session, we will discuss your health and lifestyle goals, based on your health history form, to identify imbalances and how these can be dealt with. I will assess your needs and ask you a series of questions and we will work out what your goals are, what's stopping you from reaching them, and how I can support you to meet these.

By the end you will have established what your most urgent health priority is and at least 1 action step that you can work on immediately.

1. Schedule your Discovery session with me via my contact form.

2. Submit your Health History form (located below).

3. Invest and pay on this page at the bottom.

I will then contact you about arranging an appointment.  This can be face-to-face if you live in the Knutsford area (Discovery only) or via phone or Skype.

The Discovery session may be used as a stand alone coaching session or to ascertain whether a program would suit you too.


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