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Disclaimer:  Please note I am not a medical practitioner.  I am unable to diagnose medical conditions, nor am I able to offer medical advice. Complementary/holistic therapies, such as Massage and Reflexology, are not intended to replace medical advice nor medical treatment, nor do they claim to “cure”. If you have an issue of a medical nature that is giving you concern then please contact your G.P./doctor first and foremost.

Please note, under UK law no one may attend a mother unless he or she is a registered midwife or doctor until 10 days after the birth - therefore I prefer to wait until two weeks have passed to ensure no confusion arises.

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Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

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Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy, or maternity, massage is an excellent way to give support and focus on the needs of a mother throughout her pregnancy.   I have taken comprehensive training so massage can be given through all trimesters, and also post-natally.  Positioned for maximum comfort you will be massaged lying on your side or semi reclined and given full support with cushioning. I will need to take a full consultation from you to ensure that there are no medical reasons for me not to give you a massage treatment and to ensure we work safely together (please note first appointments take longer because of this).  I will need to know about certain health conditions which may affect how I give massage to you and in particular any cautions or contraindications before your appointment.  It is important to keep your primary pregnancy healthcare team updated. Please call me on 07423 019459 to book.


Pregnancy massage can help:

Prenatal massage: In the first trimester it can help with anxieties you may have and this may help reduce nausea.  During the second trimester, massage  helps to ease muscle tensions caused by the physical changes as the baby grows inside your body.  It may help you to adapt to issues such as backache and reflux, complementary to mainstream care.  In the third trimester many mothers feel very achey and stretched and may have issues such as oedema (puffy hands and feet caused by uterine pressure), insomnia, heartburn, cramps and/or constipation - Pregnancy Massage gives you time to relax which can alleviate stress and tension. Pregnancy Massage can help with your own preparations for birth on a physical and emotional level.   I have also been taught acu-points for labour which I can show you from week 37 onwards.

I will work with you using carefully selected positions with pillows and bolsters to give you the support you and your bump needs.  Partners (including doulas and midwives) are also welcome at these sessions.

Post-natal massage: may help alleviate pelvic and abdominal issues resulting from the birth or shoulder and neck tension that may arise through lifting, carrying and breastfeeding an infant. Babies are welcome too -  I’m breastfeeding friendly (my own child weaned at 5 years and was home birthed).

The first pregnancy massage session will include:

a) a consultation to take your medical history and lifestyle and,

b) an assessment and then the massage itself.

How long will your massage last?

An average couch-based massage session lasts an hour (including time either side to get on and off the couch and undressed/dressed). For optimal relaxation and benefits then it is best to book in for an hour or longer.  Your first massage session will require an extra 30 minutes for the consultation and assessment.

What should I wear?

It is up to you whether you wish to have a massage undressed down to your underwear (you will be appropriately draped to protect your modesty).  I can also give you a couch-based but clothed massage - please wear comfortable and loose fitting clothes.

How to book:

Please view my therapy menu and also my contact details to arrange an appointment here.

Disclaimer:  please note I am not a medical professional nor do I offer counselling or medical diagnosis nor cures.  If you have a medical concern please visit your GP/doctor or midwife/specialist first and foremost.  Please see here for reasons when I may not work with you.

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Post-pregnancy books (please note if you are breastfeeding you do need an extra intake of calories - please ask your midwife or lactation consultant for more information):

Click here for post-pregnancy book!" style="position:absolute;left:292px;top:1478px;width:263px;height:61px;"> Click Here!
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Click on book picture to go to Breastfeeding Simply audio and e-book for great and easy-to-use advice on breastfeeding.  Please note if you have a medical concern please talk to your GP, midwife or health visitor or other healthcare professional.

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