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Please note, under UK law no one may attend a mother unless he or she is a registered midwife or doctor until 10 days after the birth - therefore I prefer to wait until two weeks have passed to ensure no confusion arises.

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Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

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Knutsford, Cheshire, England, UK

Essential Oils with dōTERRA

Imagine living a more holistic and abundant lifestyle for you and your loved ones.  

Essential oils can help you achieve that goal.

I was fortunate enough to encounter these beautiful dōTERRA essential oils in autumn 2016.  As a certified aromatherapist, and having utilised other brands of essential oils for many years, I wanted to be sure that they met my values.  After researching I discovered that dōTERRA have incredibly high standards for quality and ethics and my nose knew they were amazing.  I have enjoyed testing them out since with my family, friends and therapy clients.  They surpassed my expectations and I now act as an independent Wellness Advocate with the range.  DōTERRA means gift of the Earth and indeed this is what they are. I love using the dōTERRA brand to support health & wellbeing, in cooking and ensuring my living environment is more eco-friendly and safer.  I love sharing the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils from the dōTERRA range so others can benefit too. You don’t need to be an aromatherapist to use them (all useage and training is given by dōTERRA).

Would you like to learn more about how to add them into your own life?

If you would like to receive some free samples to test out so you can experience the essential oils yourself then please use my CONTACT page.  

Are you already ready to use these beautiful essential oils and add them to your own wellness lifestyle tools? You can use them in cooking, topically for massage, via inhalation with diffusers and

Here’s how you can:

Option 1 RETAIL - visit my dōTERRA CPTG essential oil website here and click the SHOP dropdown if you want a one-off essential oil this allows you to purchase them at the retail price.    However, if you want the most cost effective option see Option 2.


Option 2 WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP - this gives you the same 25% discount that I receive.   This is the BEST VALUE as you receive a 25% wholesale discount on your purchases. Join & Save as a Wellness Advocate and you will be up and running in days to enjoy and learn all the benefits the essential oils have to offer.  

Either enroll today for:

- the membership fee of £24 ($35) OR

- join with a great value enrollment kit starting from £115 ($174) e.g. the Family Essentials kit that contains 10 essential oils that will get you started in supporting your family’s wellbeing.  Buying a kit really does give you a saving longterm.

Use the JOIN & SAVE option.

Select your country and language

SELECT Wellness Advocate.  

The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should appear for you but if it doesn’t enter 3676525 (my Wellness Advocate #) in the box and my name, Elizabeth Plant, should appear.

The benefits of you becoming a Wellness Advocate are:

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the essential oils, enrollment options and the Loyalty Rewards Program.  If you enrol with me I will support you in getting started and offer a free bonus wellness consultation too.  Plus the team I am with has regular educational training.

Build a dōTERRA Business

As a Wellness Advocate you also have the option to earn commission and bonuses for sharing dōTERRA products with others (if you choose to).  If you would like to know more, please schedule a conversation with me first.   Please use my Contact page so we can go through the how and best way to work safe and smart with essential oils.  Our team runs lots of training classes and webinars and we have lots of fun with diffusers, raw chocolates and the best ways to integrate essential oils into creating your own holistic lifestyle.

The below photos are of a raw chocolate making session (with Wild Orange), the Family Essentials enrollment kit and a bottle of Holiday Joy, a beautiful seasonal blend.  The video discusses CO-IMPACT SOURCING which is a Fair Trade type system that dōTERRA utilise to ensure their growers and distillers benefit from fair compensation.

Please remember that essential oils are potent. It is important to use them safely and responsibly. They can be used topically but it is important to dilute them in a carrier oil. They can be used internally for culinary use but a little goes a long way. They have been shown to affect our emotional wellbeing via the olfactory pathways in the brain. Intermittent diffusion rather than constant diffusion has also been shown to have a greater effect. They are not there to replace medications, not unless your healthcare professional is advising you, but can be used to support your wellbeing in a complementary way. There are studies that do show some have anti-fungal, anti-microbal and anti-viral properties and within certain contexts. It's also important not to confuse essential oils with herbal useage and studies.